Terms of Use ALSATIUM

These general conditions (hereinafter the "Terms") detailing all the provisions applicable to products and services offered on the website www.alsatium.com.
UGC are available online on the website. The customer declares to have read and accepted the purchase of products and use services offered by ALSATIUM taking acceptance and explicit and unreserved Client to these Terms and, where applicable, with the contract documents existing supplementing or amending the said UGC.


Article 1 : Définitions

Client : natural or legal person with full legal capacity when buying product or use of the Services by ALSATIUM Alsatium and / or person (s) Physical (s) user (s) of these products and services under the customer's responsibility.
Agreement : These Terms and all contractual documents supplementing and / or amending these (conditions of sale, order, ...).
Services : individually or collectively refers to services such as but not limited installation of modules, support, auditing and consulting.
Produit physique : tout type de bien matériel pouvant être proposé au Client par ALSATIUM dans le cadre de son activité.
Virtual product: any type of non-material product that can be offered to the Customer by the Company, including, without limitation, module, theme graphics, video, logo, document template, ebook ...
Customer Services :  all technical assistance, commercial or for any claim, made available by ALSATIUM its Customers with the following coordinates:
Alsatium  - 20 rue des jardiniers – 67600 Sélestat - E-mail.: contact@alsatium.com
Company : ALSATIUM SASU -  whose headquarters 20 rue de jardiniers  - 67600 Sélestat (France) and registered with the RCS 81403250400015  N° TVA Intra-communautaire FR13814032504

Article 2 : Object

The Terms are intended to define the conditions and the arrangements for delivery of Products and Services offered by the Customer ALSATIUM particular to enable it to provide the possibility of a payment via the Internet or another payment channel.

Article 3 : Online sales

ALSATIUM is an online store, offering services, physical products and virtual products developed by the Company.

Article 3.1 : Processing the order

Le Client déclare avoir pris connaissance et accepté les présentes CGU avant la passation de sa commande. La validation de la commande vaut donc acceptation de ces CGU. Sauf preuve contraire, les données enregistrées par ALSATIUM constituent la preuve de l'ensemble des transactions passées avec le Client.
Le Client doit vérifier l’exhaustivité et la conformité des renseignements fournis à ALSATIUM lors de la commande, notamment l’adresse de facturation. ALSATIUM ne pourra être tenue responsable d’éventuelles erreurs de saisie et des conséquences qui en découlent.

Article 3.2 : Payment

Customer may make payment of its purchases by credit card or PayPal account.
ALSATIUM reserves the right to block a transaction time to anti-fraud checks.

Article 4 : Intellectual property

ALSATIUM grants to each customer who has bought a virtual product license to use, and non-exclusive and worldwide. This license is valid only once for a single e-commerce store. It is also forbidden for the Customer to resell or use on other shops virtual products purchased on ALSATIUM. This restriction includes all the resources provided with the virtual product. ALSATIUM nonetheless reserves the right to buy virtual products on behalf of its clients.

Article 5 : Limited Warranty

Article 5.1 : Website

Unless legal provisions in force, the Site and the features offered by it are provided as is without warranty.
ALSATIUM assumes no liability for downloading computer viruses or similar code from the Site.
Third parties can comment on the website are not spokespersons of ALSATIUM and their views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Company.
ALSATIUM disclaims any liability for loss or password theft, username, account or user information in the Site. It also declines any liability for loss of content or data, or damage related to the use of identifiers by a third person.

Article 5.2 : Online sales

ALSATIUM assumes no liability for downloading computer viruses or similar code from the Virtual Products ordered on the Site.
ALSATIUM disclaims any liability for loss or user data theft, or any type of damage, when using virtual products ordered on the Site.
ALSATIUM disclaims any liability in case of malfunction related to a service operated on the Site including, but not limited to installation of shops and modules, research and bug fixes, specific developments.
Unless otherwise stated, installation, support and updates are not included with the purchase of virtual products. Compatibility with future versions of PrestaShop, modified third-party modules or facilities of PrestaShop can not be ensured, and can not open any right to a refund or exchange.
The Site can be accessed from all countries without the content to be available for the country. ALSATIUM no obligation to include this information and does not guarantee that the virtual and physical Products are adapted to countries other than those for which they were designed.

Article 5.3 : Updates

The purchase of virtual goods through the site of ALSATIUM entitles immediate and unlimited download for a period of 90 full days from the date of order.
For each purchased virtual product, all updates released within 90 days after purchase will be offered.

Article 5.4 : Support

The purchase of virtual goods through the site of ALSATIUM entitles a holder to use it by email only and for a period of 90 full days from the date of order.
Unless otherwise specified, the installation is not included with the delivery of carrier included in the purchase of virtual products.

Article 6 : Retraction

Physical or virtual products and / or services that may be offered as part of this to the consumer, the customer is informed, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of consumer law, it has a right of withdrawal he may exercise within seven (7) days from the acceptance of the Contract. In this case, the customer will not have any reasons or pay penalties, except for eventual return costs when selling physical products.
However, the Client will not benefit from this right of withdrawal in the event that the execution of the supply of goods or services has begun before the end of the abovementioned period of seven (7) days. In particular, the purchases of virtual products being for firm and definitive nature, they can not give rise to exchange, redemption or exercise of a right of withdrawal. However, ALSATIUM will refund or exchange the damaged virtual products, including latent defects or does not match the description offered on the Site.
Also excluded from the right of withdrawal audio or video recordings and computer software that have been unsealed by the customer, as well as physical products made according to customer specifications or clearly personalized.
Customer who has exercised his right of withdrawal for a physical Product must return it in its original packaging and in good condition, at which it will be indicated by the Company.

Article 7 : Refund

The repayment of the products covered by Article 7 of these Terms is performed within a maximum period of 30 days from the date the right was exercised.
Payments are made on a proposal from ALSATIUM by crediting the bank account of the customer who placed the order.

Article 8 : Bond Board

The purchase of virtual and physical Products can be done fully automatically without action by the Company. ALSATIUM fulfills its duty to advise:
through commercial support via email and phone number and the address listed on the site.
by the presence on the site of a detailed description of the virtual or physical Product and, where appropriate, the necessary requirements for its use.

Article 9 : Dispute resolution

These Terms are governed by French law.
The Parties shall endeavor to resolve any dispute concerning benefits of ALSATIUM covered by the Terms amicably. In case of disagreement, the dispute subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Colmar (France).

Article 10 : Piracy

Any user of the site has a duty to report any breach of license or improper use proposed by the Company virtual products.
In case of copyright infringement by a product offered for sale on the Site by the Company, a notification must be made in email way ALSATIUM sent to the following address: contact@alsatium.com. In case of abuse, the user will be liable for costs incurred by the cons-notification.

Article 11 : Personal data

The information and customer data are required to ALSATIUM for order management and trade relations. They can be sent to companies that contribute to the treatment of the order, including payment online. This information is also stored for security purposes and to better personalize the offers made to the Customer. Under the law relating to data, files and freedoms of 6 January 1978, the Customer has a right to access, rectify and delete information collected about ALSATIUM under its activity. These rights may be exercised directly on the site or by writing to ALSATIUM - 20 rue gardeners - 67600 Sélestat (France).
Customer can choose from when creating or consulting his account to receive offers from ALSATIUM. The Customer may at any time change its preferences on the "Personal Information" page of his account.
The site implements an automated process to install a cookie on the customer's computer to record information about the navigation of its computer on the Site. Customer may nevertheless oppose the recording of "cookies" by configuring their browser to that effect.
Finally, the Customer acknowledges that ALSATIUM may be brought, in accordance with its legal obligations to disclose personal data about the part of legal proceedings (legal requisitions, etc.).

Article 12 : Major force

ALSATIUM engages in light of current technology to keep in the best possible conditions the services offered on the Site. However, it can not be held liable for any interruption of the Site caused by a force majeure, due to a third party, a Client, as well as risks arising from the technique.
Responsibility for ALSATIUM therefore can not be retained in case of breach of contractual obligations due to unforeseeable, unavoidable and circumstances beyond the control of the parties.
The Parties acknowledge, but not limited to, conventionally them that stand out, such is the force majeure or fortuitous event or because of a third party, damages finding their origins or their causes in: the natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning, power surges, strikes, stoppages of electricity supply, the failure of the telecommunications network, civil or foreign wars, riots or popular movements, attacks, regulatory restrictions related to the provision of telecommunications services, loss of connectivity and connection due to public and private operators to which the Company.
These force majeure suspend the obligations of ALSATIUM cited in the TOS, for the duration of their existence. However, if a case of force majeure had a more than three (3) months, one or the other of the Parties would be entitled to end their relationship, and after sending a letter with notice reception, expressing the decision.